Where to Place Smoke and Heat Sensors

There is more to a home alarm system than just indicating an intrusion. It is also capable of detecting certain environmental hazards, including fire and smoke. (more…) Read More


Helpful Tips to Prevent False Alarms with Your Home Security System

Not only are false alarms quite irritating, but they can cost you hundreds of dollars in alarm fees. Also, false alarms are annoying to your neighbors and may startle your pets. Even worse, if the issue continues, you may become hesitant even to use your home security system, which is… Read More


The Benefits of a Wireless Home Security System

There is no question that today’s youth live in a wire-free world. Most children have never seen a rotary phone and the idea of having to sit close to the television to play video games because of wired controllers is completely foreign. The fact is, everything is going wireless. This… Read More


Tips for Selecting a Security System for Your Business

When you own a business in Kansas City, keeping it safe is likely a top priority. After all, why would you pour all your resources, money and time into it if you can’t keep it as secure as possible? (more…) Read More


How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Your suitcase is ready to go, your pets are in the loving embrace of your neighbors, and you have all the sunscreen you could need – you’re all ready for vacation. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who focus on everything they are going to do while away from… Read More

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