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Are you searching for a local home security company or a home security system company “near me”? The professionals at Teague Security are ready to help you with all your Kansas City home security, home networking and home theater needs. Regardless of if you want to install a new, full-featured entertainment center, or acquire peace of mind with a state-of-the-art security system – our professional technicians have you covered.

Offering the latest and greatest in terms of home alarm systems, entertainment, and networking, you will find Teague Security is the ideal solution for your home technology needs. Don’t settle for second best when our team of well-trained and professional technicians is ready to customize your entertainment and networking experience to your specific needs.

Are you ready to integrate a Kansas City home theater into your living space? If so, let Teague Security handle all the “dirty” work. We will install the various components, run the wires and ensure all unsightly cords and wires are out of sight.

If you need to bring your home into the 21st century in regard to home networking power, we can help with that too. We understand how to evaluate your needs and provide you with the networking system necessary for your life.

Don’t forget home security systems. From video surveillance to remote monitoring, we really do it all. You can rely on our technicians to work quickly, discreetly and efficiently to get your new home security system installed without a hitch.

The most appealing part of Teague Security is our timely service and knowledgeable technicians available to our customers.

If you are unsure about what you need, don’t hesitate to call. We can evaluate your home to find solutions that fit your lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about sub-par systems or overpriced work – our technicians are licensed, experienced and ready to find solutions that meet your needs.


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Testimonials & Reviews

" As a mother of teenage boys, I love having my security system thru Teague. I have a device on every window and door in the house. If something opens, I know it. It is also nice that I am able to control the passcodes to my system. Each kid has their own code and when they enter it, it sends me an alert and tells me who it was and at what time. This is great for not only making sure they don’t sneak out, but also knowing whether or not they were home when I said to be home. "

Parkville, MO Theresa H.

" I travel a lot and called Teague Security to see if they had any solutions that could help me make sure my family is safe while I’m on the road. Teague’s security system they installed fit what I was looking for perfectly. I am not only able to have my house monitored by a local security company, but I can make sure the security system is armed and even make sure the front door is locked at all times. If anything happens at my home, the system alerts my phone and I know about it!!! I will not go without having a system like this in any of my future homes. "

Prarie Village, KS Kevin G.

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