The home is not only a place we live, but it has become a place to entertain and relax. It’s a place we want to come home to and not flee from when going on a vacation. Homeowners are making their homes comfortable and entertaining with home theater installation of many budgets and sizes.

We offer basic home theater installation as well as high-end custom systems using a wide selection of brands of speakers and projections

The different types of home theater systems that we offer are:

  • Blu-ray systems
  • DVD Home theater systems
  • A/V receivers

We’ll get your TV setup in the exact place you want it and to work with all of your other electronics to ensure they are set up and able to meet your personal needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Install and mount the TV or projector securely and correctly based on the device.
  • Provide a clean and tidy install with no visible wires hanging.
  • Provide and help in the choice of the right brackets for secure wall mounting of TV or projector.
  • Correctly install and connect all electrical and media sources to the TV or projector.
  • Help in programming the cable connection and desired settings.
  • Calibration of projectors.

Buying equipment to suit your budget and proper audio-video installation is critical for getting the maximum use out of your electronics.

With the number of gadgets being installed in homes these days, pre-wiring has become a must. Our expert team will work with the owners to make sure the property is pre-wired and ready for each and every kind of audiovisual and technological device that will go in

Home Theater User Manuals

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