More consumers are buying online, taking advantage of the greater selection and better pricing on the internet. This type of shopping comes with having packages delivered to your home. If you can’t be home to accept deliveries, you’re at risk for package theft when shipments are left outside your door.   

During the holidays, home delivery is even more popular, with thieves taking advantage of gift items being left on doorsteps. Once an item is delivered, many delivery services and retailers state that they’re not responsible for any thefts, leaving you with little recourse other than to report the items as stolen.

The best thing you can do to keep your items safe is to avoid having your delivered packages from being stolen in the first place.

Here are the top six ways to prevent package theft from happening to you.  

1. Use a Smart Home Security System

A smart home security system ensures that your packages make it safely inside your home rather than being left outside at risk for theft. Using a smartphone app, you’ll be notified when someone rings your doorbell. This action triggers a doorbell camera, so you can see exactly who is at your door before opening and admitting them access. Once they’ve left the package, the smart system secures your home again and reactivates security.

2. Schedule Package Delivery

Some services will allow you to get notifications of when the package will be delivered so that you can be home. If you’re unable to be home, you can reschedule delivery or have the item held for pickup. Keep in mind that some delivery and courier services such as FedEx and UPS may charge a fee for rescheduling a delivery.

3. Install Security Cameras

Although installing security cameras can’t stop thieves from stealing your packages, they can act as a deterrent and increase your home security. Installing visible cameras at your front door, garage, and mounted in the driveway or walkway can persuade thieves to go elsewhere. As well, security cameras that have a mobile app allow you to visually monitor your home on the day delivery is scheduled.

4. Use an Amazon Locker

One of the biggest online retailers is Amazon. If you make an online purchase, you can have the package delivered to an Amazon locker rather than to your door. Lockers are now available in most larger cities throughout North America.

5. Schedule Delivery to Your Workplace

Another way to prevent package theft is to have the item delivered to your place of work. Or have it delivered to a neighbor or friend who is home during the day and can accept the delivery.

6. Require a Signature

Even though it can be an inconvenience for someone to be home when packages are delivered, having your item delivered with “signature required” ensures that your packages aren’t stolen.

Whether you choose a doorbell camera, security cameras, or a smart home security system, call the professionals at Teague Security so we can help set up the security you need to prevent package theft.