Do you know if your home security system is strong enough? The answer for this for most people is “no,” simply because there is no way to really know this unless it has been threatened. This is why it is so important to add as many layers of home security as you can. There are several security tactics you can use so you and your family feel safe and know that all of the items in your home are safe, too.

Lighting Additions

You can use lighting to your advantage by putting it around the exterior of your home in a strategic way. You should make sure there are no areas that are unlit that someone may be able to hide in. Also, make sure to install motion detector lights so you know if anyone is outside of your home.

Additional ways to add safety to your home is by installing light around the entrance of your home. Intruders are much less to try and break into your home if it is well lit.

Upgrade Your Locks

Locks can’t do their job unless you use them. If you have several padlocks on your door, that’s great; but, if you don’t lock them, they don’t offer any level of protection. Even if you are confident you live in a safe neighborhood, you need to make sure the door remains locked – regardless of if you are away or at home. This rule should also be used for garage doors.

Install Blinds

While you may like the natural light that filters in when you have your blinds completely open, it is a good idea to keep them down. This is especially important for windows on the lower level of your home. Burglars are going to have a hard time entering your home through a window when the blinds, shutters and other window coverings are drawn, which is how they can help protect you.

Have a Quality Home Security System Installed

The absolute best and most effective way to protect your home and family is by installing a quality home security system. The system needs to include 24/7 monitoring, motion detectors and cameras. You should also ask about wireless integration so you can see what is going on in and around your home, even when you aren’t there.


This is a layer of security that many people don’t even think about. A dog will alert you to any sound in or outside of your home. They will let you know when someone is nearby your home. Also, criminals are going to steer away from homes with protection from pets in most cases.

By using the information here, you can better protect your home, belongings and family. You can also find more tips about superior protection for your home by contacting the professionals.