There is no question that today’s youth live in a wire-free world. Most children have never seen a rotary phone and the idea of having to sit close to the television to play video games because of wired controllers is completely foreign. The fact is, everything is going wireless. This includes home security systems.

Believe it or not, wireless Kansas City home security systems offer many advantages. This includes being easier to install without the need for much hardware. Some of the other benefits of using these systems in your home are found here.

Wire Free

A traditional security system has to plug into the wall and connect to your telephone line. Most burglars know they can cut the lines and eliminate the security system. However, with a wireless system, your home can continue to be monitored without going through the power or phone lines. This is because wireless systems use cellphone frequencies and run on batteries that last for three to five years. If your phone or power lines are cut, your wireless alarm is still going to work and alert the monitoring service that there is an intruder in your home.

Enjoy Home Insurance Discounts

When you take steps to make your home safer, your insurance company may reward you with discounts. For example, living in a gated community, being close to a fire hydrant and being a member of a homeowner’s association can help you save money each month. But, the installation of a home security system can save you up to 20% on your home insurance costs each month. If you install a wireless system or add additional detection sensors, the savings on your insurance may even be more.

Instant Alerts

An extremely appealing factor of wireless security systems that wired systems don’t offer is the ability to connect with it through your tablet or smartphone. When an alarm is triggered in your home, you can receive an instant notification along with the proper authorities. With these instant notifications, you don’t have to worry about the police or fire department wasting time trying to track you down – you will know. This is peace of mind that is truly invaluable.

Interactive Monitoring

If you connect your tablet or phone to your wireless home security system, you can also monitor what is going on yourself. In fact, there are many systems that provide live video feeds from the cameras set up in your home. You can also install exterior cameras that let you know if someone is lurking around outside and that allow you to see when your kids get home from school.

Home Automation

This is an extremely cool feature that is becoming more and more popular. With a wireless security system, you can turn off or on lights, lock or unlock your doors and even arm or disarm your system remotely. There are systems that can even be hooked up to control your heating and cooling system.

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered by a wireless home security system. If you are interested in this technology for your home, contact Teague Security for more information.