When your family’s safety and security are in question, it is always best to trust your gut. However, it is also important to ask (and answer) some difficult questions and play devil’s advocate from time to time. For example, an essential question to ask is where do you (and your family) believe that you need security cameras? Another question is what are the most vulnerable spots in and around your home? Other questions to consider include do you have any hidden or obscured entrances? Are there certain doors or windows that burglars would find especially appealing? Have you ever experienced a break-in before?

The point here is that you know your home the best, which makes you uniquely qualified to determine how to keep intruders out.  However, if you are still on the fence regarding the best places for your home security cameras, make sure the following are on your list.

At the Front Door

Approximately 34 percent of all burglars enter a home through the front door. This is why you want to ensure you have a camera here. To prevent a would-be intruder from disabling the camera, make sure it is at second-floor level, or even in the eves of your home. If you have a single level home, consider enclosing the camera in some type of mesh to protect it from errant weapons.

Tech Tip: Install a high-tech peephole camera so you know who is knocking prior to opening the door.

The Back Door

Another 22 percent of residential burglars enter a home through the back door, so it is important to place a camera here, as well. (If you have side doors, these count as “back doors” in regard to the stats). The takeaway is that you should place a security camera at each door and ensure that it is out of reach and protect from any projectiles.

Tech Tip: Install cameras that are weatherproof and that are equipped with night vision.

At Off-Street Windows

Many burglars enter homes by breaking a window in the back of the house or one that is not able to be seen from the street. This reduces their chances of getting caught and offers a bit of privacy to perform their illegal act. Prevent this at your home by installing cameras at windows in the back of the house, or that aren’t able to be seen from the street.

Tech Tip: The best bet here is to use wireless security cameras that have remote control capabilities and that is able to be operated from some type of mobile device.

The Backyard or Side Gate

Any thief loves a great backyard since they are typically full of expensive lawn maintenance equipment, kids’ toys, and recreational equipment. Protect this area by installing motion sensor floodlights and a night vision camera.

Tech Tip: Put the camera where it can be seen, but not reached. This will provide a pretty effective deterrent.

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