When it comes to home security, you can’t do the bare minimum and hope for the best. The fact is, burglars have become savvier than ever, which means if you are still making the security mistakes found here, it is high time for you to make a change.

Some of the tactics that are no longer acceptable when it comes to home security can be found here.

You Still Use a Hide-a-Key

If this describes you then you need to go outside and get it right now. It doesn’t matter if you believe it is well hidden, it isn’t. Thieves know all of the tricks you may use – every single one. Rather than trying to hide your key on your property, give a spare to your neighbor. Even better, install a smart lock so you don’t even need a key.

You Haven’t Upgraded Your Home’s Locks

The window and door locks installed by the home’s builder is typically light-duty. Burglars can make short work of these light duty locks. Think about upgrading the locks on your home from the standard options to heavy duty ones. This will make breaking into the home as difficult as possible.

You Don’t Lock Your Home

This is an extremely common issue. If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you may believe that there is no need to lock your doors. Or you may lock your doors and leave the windows cracked. You may even lock all of your doors and windows, but forget to lock your garage. This gives thieves the perfect opportunity to break in without having to use force.

You’re Using Fake Surveillance Cameras

Twenty years ago, dummy cameras were a great idea. However, in this day and age, burglars are aware of this trick. Today, if you still have these installed, they not only add no protection to the property, they can actually cause your home to become a target.

You don’t Trim Your Landscaping

Many people aren’t aware that trimming their bushes, shrubs and trees are important to the security of their home. This is because burglars are going to stake out a home before they try to break in. If overgrown landscaping is present, then they will see they have places that will conceal their presence. Make sure to cut back all plants to ensure thieves don’t have any place to lurk and hide.

As you can see, there are several ways that your efforts, or lack thereof, could be putting your home and your family in danger. If you are ready to increase your security and take steps to ensure your home is secure at all times, contact the professionals. They can provide a home security audit and point out any areas of vulnerability.