The holidays are on their way; however, even though this is true, issues related to package thefts occur throughout the year. If you want to prevent these situations from happening to you, you have to take a few preventative steps.

Keep in mind, while package theft is a year-round problem, it spikes during the holiday season. This is because shipments go up quite a bit, and more brown cardboard boxes are sitting on doorsteps throughout the country. Not only do thieves take the opportunity to steal packages off your porch, they even follow delivery trucks to find new opportunities.

Surprising Statistics about Package Thefts

On average, a package left at your door (or anyone else’s for that matter) is worth an estimated $28. However, the weeks leading up to the holidays seen an increase in package value up to about $124. That is four times the worth of packages delivered other times during the year.

The absolute best way to approach the subject of package theft is to prevent it to begin with.

Tips to Prevent Package Theft

Some of the most effective tips that will help you prevent package theft this holiday season and throughout the year can be found here.

  • Have your packages shipped to your workplace, if that is possible. If this isn’t an option, then ask a neighbor or friend to accept the delivery on your behalf during the day.
  • Track your packages as they are shipped to your home. This way you will know when they are coming and can plan to have someone there to pick them up.
  • Require that all packages are signed for. While this solution may not be very convenient, you won’t have to worry about all your packages vanishing.
  • Install security cameras to deter would-be thieves. You can install indoor cameras to point out a window, which will be just as effective as an exterior camera. Also, consider placing a sign that states the premises is being videotaped – even if you only leave them up during the holiday season. While the signs may be subtle, they will get the point across and help keep thieves away.

While these tips and suggestions are focused on the holiday season, they are effective to protect your packages throughout the year. If you need help having security cameras installed, then it is a good idea to call the professionals. They may also be able to offer a few other options to help safeguard your home and your packages.