Home protection is at the top of the list for every homeowner. You want to do what you can to protect your home and family from theft, intruders, and fire threats. That means you need to set up a security system that you can rely on for home protection.

There are numerous systems to choose from, but a smart security system is far superior to others and comes with features and functions that give you full control over your own home security. Using a mobile app on your smartphone, you can access and manage numerous security system features that keep your home and family safe from danger.

Real-Time Alerts

A security system that provides real-time alerts provides you with valuable information about what’s going on in your home when you’re not there. Using your mobile device and a mobile app, you can be alerted if a sensor inside or outside your home is triggered. You can also receive notifications in real-time if water is detected in your laundry room or if someone rings your front door. Mobile apps also allow you to check on the security settings in your home, to make sure that alarms have been activated or that the garage door has been closed and locked.

Smart “At Home” Features

A great way to protect your home when you’re not there is to make it look as though you are. You can set your smart home security system to turn on and off the lights when you’re out. You can also turn on music and the television to mimic someone being home. Thieves and intruders watching your home will have a hard time determining if someone is home or not. This can be a great deterrent since thieves likely won’t target a house where there’s a risk of getting caught.

Security Cameras

Security cameras aren’t just a great way to keep intruders from targeting your home when you’re away, but they can also provide you with a live feed of what’s happening in and around your house. If someone approaches your home and attempts to enter or vandalizes your property, you can check the security camera footage to identify the person. You’ll also be able to see what your kids and pets are doing when you’re not there, ensuring their safety.

Smart Locks for Home Access

For more home protection, consider restricting access to your home when you’re not there with smart locks. Smart locks replace keys, which can be lost or stolen. You can assign each member of your family their own access code, so they can enter and leave without using a key. You can also allow access for neighbors or friends to enter your home when you’re away. Smart locks also protect your kids when you’re not home. You can receive notifications in real-time when they arrive home after school, knowing if they’re late or haven’t arrived.

Looking for more information about how to protect your home when no one’s there? To learn more, call Teague Security about home protection and installing a security system to keep your home and family safe.