Are you worried about a senior loved one who still lives on their own, or who lives with you but is alone for a large part of the day? If so, you aren’t alone. There are millions of people in this exact situation.

Simple things such as forgetting to shut off the oven or lock the front door can result in a serious and dangerous threat. However, being a senior doesn’t mean these individuals need to give up their independence. There are a few tips that can help them remain safe and secure while on their own.

Install a Home Security System

A quality home security system can help any senior live a safer life. If an alarm sounds, regardless of if it is for carbon monoxide, fire or a burglar, the authorities can be notified immediately. Also, if home automation is installed as part of the security system, the senior’s loved ones can keep track of the appliances, as well as the door locks, giving them peace of mind, their senior family member is safe and secure.

Install Smart Lighting

A huge threat for many senior citizens is inadequate lighting, or lighting that’s hard to turn on due to the switch being located far away from the door. A great way to combat this issue is by installing smart lights. These are able to be programmed to turn on as soon as someone walks into a room, and then turn off when they leave. This eliminates the possible dangers that go along with walking through a dark room, not to mention since they automatically shut off, they will save the homeowner money on their electrical costs.

Smart Locks

It doesn’t matter how safe a neighborhood is, it’s crucial to ensure the front door (or any exterior door) is locked. Also, avoid the temptation to leave an extra key outside of the home. This is one of the most common ways that intruders enter into a home. A smart lock will help ensure that the house is always locked, and these devices can be locked or unlocked remotely if necessary.

Doorbell Cameras and Peepholes

Unfortunately, many nefarious individuals try to take advantage of seniors. To help combat this, it’s a good idea to install a front door that features a peephole, which will prevent the door having to be open to see who is there. You can even install a doorbell camera, which allows you to see and speak to anyone at the door. What’s even better is that family members who aren’t home can monitor this remotely.

When it comes to ensuring your senior loved one’s safety, using the security tips and products mentioned here can provide the peace of mind that family members want and need. If you need help installing these items, then reach out to the pros. They can ensure the necessary safeguards are put in place.