No matter the size or type of your company, it’s imperative that you protect your business. Having a business security system is just as critical as having a security system for your home; it protects you against theft and vandalism. 

How does a smart business security system protect your office? Using security cameras, video monitoring, access control, and smartphone alerts, you can control what’s happening when you’re at work or away.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important features to look for in the best security system for your business. 

Security Cameras

With a smart business system, security is always working for you 24/7. When placed strategically, security cameras can record video that you need to keep your business safe. Install cameras in vulnerable and at-risk locations. If you’re a retail business, security cameras placed in view of customers can be a deterrent to theft. Install cameras high up so that they have a good view of a large area and can’t be tampered with. 

Security cameras should be placed outside your business as well. That can deter thieves and vandals from damaging your property. If the area outside your business doesn’t have good lighting, you may also want to install motion detection lights to keep the area highly visible. 

Video Monitoring

It’s imperative that you’re able to see what’s happening at your business when you’re not there. Video monitoring allows you to view activity both during business and after you’ve closed for the day. You’ll be able to see live feeds and receive video alerts any time you need to review any activity or when you want to monitor what your employees are doing.  

Access Control

The best security system for your business allows you to have access control whether you’re at work, at home, or away on vacation. With remote access control, you’ll be able to grant your employees access for entry while at the same time preventing unauthorized entry before and after business hours. 

Access control also lets you automate many functions. For example, you can automate door locks and be notified when your employees have opened your business for the day and closed at night.

Smartphone Alerts

Smartphone notifications and alerts let you know when something isn’t right, such as if someone failed to turn on the alarm before leaving or if there’s any suspicious activity. Using access control, you can turn on the alarm to secure your business. You can also alert the authorities of suspicious activity if you receive an alarming notification.

Manage Employee Access

If you have employees, you may want to set them up with specific user access to open and close your business. A smart business security system can be set up to provide each employee with a customized user code and access schedule. This prevents employees from entering your business when they’re not scheduled to work.

Using a smart security system for your business can provide you with better protection and control over security. To learn more, call Teague Security. We can help build your business security system and keep your company safe and secure.