More people than ever before are shopping online, which makes the packages left by delivery trucks a prime target for thieves looking for an easy payday. According to research from NBC News, approximately 23 million residents in the U.S. have been a victim of package theft.

Do you want to ensure all your packages are delivered safely and keep them from the hands of thieves? If so, use the security tips here.

Have the packages delivered to where you are during the day.

Your home isn’t the only place you can have packages delivered. If you work a traditional 9 am to 5 pm schedule, arrange to have your deliveries made at work, rather than to your home address. Ask friends and family members to do the same if they plan on mailing you something.

Require signatures for packages you mail.

Unfortunately, the packages you send to friends and family members are also at risk of being stolen. If you are mailing the item via your post office or another local delivery service, make a signature required when the package is delivered. There is typically a small fee associated with this service, but it is well worth the peace of mind it provides.

Arrange alternative pickup and delivery options.

It doesn’t matter if you use FedEx, UPS or the U.S. Postal Service, each of these shipping services offers alternative pickup and delivery options. For example, UPS offers an Access Point network, which allows you to pick up your packages at a convenience store or grocery store in your neighborhood. You can choose the point that is most convenient for you. Other options include having the items delivered to a neighbor you know will be home or to the local UPS store.  

FedEx and USPS offer similar alternative delivery arrangements. This helps ensure your package gets to you, rather than landing in the hands of a thief.

Install home security devices strategically around your property.

Several reports involving package theft are centered on the surveillance cameras that catch the thieves in action. Unfortunately, many thieves will walk up to your porch in the middle of the day to grab a package.

Installing security cameras around your property that are easily seen may discourage a would be thief from taking action. After all, the majority of thieves want to avoid being caught or seen. By installing several security cameras, you have an excellent reason for the potential thief to keep walking.

Install outdoor security lighting.

You can also install motion detectors and flood lights on your property. These can be effective crime deterrents and prevent someone from not only stealing a package but also from trying to break into your home.

Watch for suspicious people in your neighborhood.

Work with your neighbors to watch out for one another. If anyone sees unfamiliar vehicles or people in the vicinity, report it. Many package thieves follow delivery trucks on their routes. If you see this happening you should report it to the police right away.

Unfortunately, the theft of packages is a real problem. However, when you take the steps here, you can help protect yourself from becoming a victim of this crime.

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