In the 1990’s hit movie, “Home Alone,” there is no question that Kevin McAlister would have benefited from a quality alarm system. However, the movie does do a good job to let you know that there are more unconventional ways to protect yourself and your home

Here you can learn about four security tips you may not have heard before. While they may be unconventional, when it comes to your home’s and family’s security, using everything you can is important.

Keep Your Keypad in a Secluded Location

When you are placing your keypad that arms or disarms your security system right next to the door, this may be convenient for you, but it is also a convenient location for would-be intruders. Any smart thief can watch through your window and see the combination you are entering. Then, when you leave (or even while you are still there) they can come in and disarm your system before it goes off.

It is best to place the system keypad in a location where you can easily access it, but where it is going to be hard for a thief to see. You should make sure your keypad is in no way viewable from the exterior of your home.

Don’t Leave a Place for a Thief to Hide

If you have a yard that is overgrown, with plenty of shadows, then a thief will have plenty of locations to hide and remain undetected. To reduce the possibility of this, make sure you clean up your landscape and remove any spots that could hide their presence. If you like the look of plants and bushes in your yard, consider planting thorny ones that will be uninviting to someone who is trying to remain hidden.

It is also a good idea to install smart lights, that will turn on when motion is detected. Security cameras are also a smart investment.

Strategize with Decoys

The most targeted location in a home is the master bedroom. This is because most people keep their credit cards, jewelry and other valuables in this area. If you have expensive items, try to hide them in various locations. You can even leave out fake valuables as a decoy.

Delete all Traces of Where You Have Been

There are many burglars who will map out your routine, so they know when you will and will not be home. If you are using a GPS system, make sure that the default home setting is for a park or a gas station close to your house, rather than your actual address. This will ensure that if your car is broken into and your GPS or phone is stolen, that the thief won’t be led directly to your empty house.

Taking steps to protect your home doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do need to think about everything carefully. This will ensure that you keep your home safe from would-be thieves.