Home theft and intrusion are on the rise, so it’s imperative that you have in-home security for protection. One of the best ways that you can protect your home is by installing a smart lighting system along with security cameras. Not willing to take the risk, burglars and intruders are deterred when they see lighting and cameras.

Here are just some of the ways that smart lighting can protect your home.

Smart Lighting in Your Home

Using smart lighting inside the home makes it look as though someone is home all the time. You’ll be able to set lights, television, and music to turn on and off at a given time. You can group different lights to come on, so it looks as though there’s movement throughout your home. Burglars and intruders prefer to target dark homes. So, smart lighting is one of the easier home protection strategies for keeping your home safe. 

Motion Detection 

Smart lighting that comes with motion detection offers both security and convenience for your home. When the lights detect motion, they turn on. When used outside your home, brighter lights are better. These lights are used as security around your home. For inside your house, smart lighting with motion detection allows you to enter a room in the dark and activate the lighting without stumbling around. 

Security Cameras and Smart Lights

Home security is even better when you use smart lighting outside your home in combination with security cameras. Lights can be set up for motion detection, so if anyone is lurking outside your home, the area will immediately be flooded with light. Add the protection of a security camera, and you’ll have intruders on a video feed that you can share with authorities if necessary. 

Using Smart Lights for Convenience

You can also use smart lights when you’re at home, scheduling them to come on in the morning after your alarm rings so that you don’t have to go around turning on lights. They can also be scheduled to shut off shortly after you’ve gone to bed. 

Installing Smart Lighting 

When installing smart lights outside your home for security, you’ll want to place them in strategic locations that will be the most effective. Install them in areas that burglars and intruders are more likely to enter, so the lights are instantly activated. The most common areas are your front and back door. Other locations include the garage, patios and decks, and along your driveway. If you have a long driveway, consider installing more than one smart light. Another location is your backyard along the fence or property perimeter. If anyone approaches your property, they’ll quickly be deterred from coming any further when the area is lit with a bright light. 

Call the local experts at Teague Security for help installing smart lighting in your home. We’ll ensure that lights are installed and set up in just the right locations to provide optimum security for your home and family.